Clean Energy is Life
Lighting a Billion Lives

Lighting a Billion Lives is a global initiative of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) to facilitate clean energy access solutions for communities across the world. The initiative enables the provision of cost-effective and reliable clean energy solutions through the development of innovative delivery models and unique partnerships across the energy access value chain to create a self-sustaining market led energy access ecosystem. In operation since 2008, Lighting a Billion Lives© offers diverse technology options based on affordability and end user requirements to address both basic and productive energy needs – helping people experience better qualities of life through improved lighting, reduced indoor air pollution, better primary health care services and better educational and livelihood opportunities. The initiative also focuses on developing gender inclusive energy provisioning processes, by training and encouraging women to become active participants in the energy provisioning process as entrepreneurs, service providers and promotion agents. Nearly 3000 village level entrepreneurs, including over 200 women, have been appointed and trained to manage solar charging stations and micro grids and as technicians to manufacture and install improved cookstoves under the initiative. Lighting a Billion Lives© is committed to facilitating clean energy solutions for 10 million lives by 2018. As of 2014, it has already reached 30% of this committed target.