Clean Energy is Life
Energy Access Practitioner Network

It’s very easy to take energy for granted. You may be reading this at your computer in a lit office. Or on your mobile phone as you head home from work. But imagine if your life were different…

As a Haitian school child, the smoky light from a kerosene-soaked wick in a soda bottle may be your only source of light to study by. As an Indian worker walking home at night, you risk snakebites without a good light to guide your feet. As a mother, you pray that your child will grow up without respiratory illness from the smoke produced by simply lighting your home and cooking with a traditional cookstove. These are the daily experiences of some of the 1.2 billion people living without the benefit of even basic electricity today.

The United Nations Foundation-led Energy Access Practitioner Network shines the light on the 1.2 billion without energy access. We convene and connect stakeholders around new partnerships, facilitate the development and adoption of quality standards, and promote universal access to modern energy services. Founded in 2011, the PractitionerNetwork is a global network of businesses and non-profits with more than 2,000 members operating in 170 countries, dedicated to the global Sustainable Energy for All goal of universal energy access by 2030.